YOUR Wellness begins with the mouth.

The only specific day and night toothpaste based on curcumin.


Exclusive day & night formula.

Four years of research.

Greater wellness with:

Greater protection with:

Greater health

Why the curcumin?

Where is the innovation?

BEFORE has not been used in other toothpastes due to its low absorption level.

NOW thanks to our exclusive formula, curcumin will be absorbed by over 80% of your body, with obvious advantages for the health of your mouth.

Curcumin absorbed

With Vtx-Bioredoxin
Without Vtx-Bioredoxin

Why two different formulas one day and one night?

Because embracing a ROUTINE will guarantee you complete oral hygiene.

Because it is scientifically proven that throughout the day our body needs different substances.

Before buying any toothpaste, you should know the status of your mouth.

We at VTX-BIOREDOXIN have thought of a free test to guide you on a awareness journey.

Dr. Martinotti explains the benefits of toothpaste day and night.

Our products

Oral day Care

Specific toothpaste for the day.
Start your routine with more energy!
Try our exclusive formula based on curcumin, taurine and ginseng, to face your day with greater intensity.

Oral night Care

Specific night-time toothpaste.
Complete your routine with a sweet relax feeling.
Try our exclusive curcumin formula, melatonin and melissa, to prepare you for restful sleep.

Dreams colony

Aromatic water for the night.
Make the morning the best time of day.
Experience the positive effects of a relaxing sleep with our aromatic water for the night.

the 5 elements that will improve your dental health:


Our products are based on curcumin, a substance with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Reduces malignant pathogenic bacteria that undermines tooth health and has an anti-caries and anti-tartar effect.

Without parabens, triclosanes and SLS

In our formulations are not present: Parabens, Triclosans and SLS.
We use only natural substances, using what Nature offers us and Technology helps us to achieve.

100% Made in italy

It is a product entirely made in Italy.
Scientific research is entrusted to the Department of Medical, Oral and Biotechnological Sciences of the University of Chieti.


It is scientifically proven that our body has different needs based on the phase of the day: day and night.
With our 2 specific formulations, one for the Day and the other for the Night, you will be protected in a more specific and complete manner.

Only natural ingredients