Dreams colony – Aromatic Water specific for the night


Your mouth health starts with a relaxing sleep.

If sleep is disturbed, sleep is affected.

This is why we believe that sleep is the first step in your beauty routine. However, we are aware that it is not always easy to have a peaceful sleep today.

For this we have developed our Aromatic Water specific for the night “Dreams Colony” which completes our dental hygiene routine in combination with Oral Day / Night care Vtx – Bioredoxin toothpastes.

How many more things could you do by sleeping well and waking up in the morning with more energy and less pain?

You may be better performing at work
You may want to exercise regularly
You may just feel better and be in a good mood

It would definitely change the way you approach your day!

Formulated with essential oils, the Dreams Colony pillow spray has a relaxing effect and thanks to its aromatic properties you will sleep fresh and wake up refreshed.


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